Science experiment

Science experiment

This hot air, cold air science activity is a great experiment to watch the effects of hot air and cold air on balloon.


What you will need?

  • 2 containers, one filled with hot tap water and other with cold water;
  • 1 balloon;
  • 1 plastic bottle.

Place the balloon over the mouth of the empty plastic bottle.

What happens to the balloon when placed in hot water?

Wait a few minutes and notice the balloon start to inflate and expand.

What happens to the balloon when placed in cold water?

Wait a few moments and notice that the balloon start to deflate and contract.

Science activities and experiments are a great opportunity to make connections between real life experiences such as the hot air balloon ride.

Mondovi, Italy, “land of hot hair balloons”

Giorgia, a young girl of our class is now very passionate about balloons, as well as her mates. She asked her mum to take her to Mondovi, a town located 35 km form the school (it’sin the region of Piemonte, Northern Italy). In Mondovi, on the weekend of 4th-5th-6th January there was the 31st Festival of Hot Hair balloons.

She took many pictures and spent a lovely day with her family!

The attached video is from Youtube: the balloons “dance”with the music of the Queen. Fantastic!

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