Riddle: Neither on water nor on rails/ Anyone can guess/ He lifts you up to the sun/ And take you away/ Like the thought/ Like the wind/ Bypassing the earth.

Mini dictionary

AIRCRAFT – An air vehicle heavier than air, set in motion by one or more propeller-driven engines; it moves very fast and is used to transport goods and passengers (Passenger plane). Airplane without engine = aircraft moving using air currents. Jet aircraft = a propeller-less aircraft, powered by a jet engine. Bombing aircraft = military aircraft that bombs enemy targets. Fighter jet = military aircraft equipped with cannons and machine guns, intended to prevent the enemy’s aerial actions through combat. Reconnaissance aircraft = military aircraft performing reconnaissance flights over enemy territory. Sanitary aircraft = aircraft designed for the rapid transport of the wounded, sick and medicine. A seaplane is an aircraft that is designed to be able to take off and land on water. It can act to extinguish fires as well as inter-island flight, where there are no landing grounds.The medical helicopter is a flying machine used for medical operations and search-rescue of people whose lives are in danger.

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