“Let’s Fly High in Europe” will bring together science, technology and mathematics education expertise from a range of European parties to develop scientific, technology and mathematical skills and concepts. It will aim to recognise good practice and strategies in all participating institutions and the raise the level of attainment in these subjects in all partner schools as well as improve pupil’s confidence in using and applying their skills in all contexts.

It is designed to give teachers the skills and confidence to teach science, technology and mathematics, focusing on subject knowledge and pedagogy. In line with the national picture to enhance teaching and learning, our project which focuses primarily on primary education will provide children with secure and necessary skills.

We aim to develop a positive attitude towards science, technology and mathematics, including the acquisition of higher-order skills, such as the ability to explore, to reason and to communicate scientifically and mathematically. We want children to use their skills effectively to solve problems with confidence in daily life. In addition, we strive to develop a positive attitude towards science and mathematics, seeing it as a powerful way of looking at situations, and becoming confident in one’s own abilities.

The partners in our project are;

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