Year 4 have had a fantastic Space Day today! Mrs Myers was really impressed by all of our space costumes and even a little scared by some of the aliens that turned up for school!

After assembly, where we enjoyed singing all the space songs we had learned, we did lots of different space activities including space fractions, ordering the planets in the solar system and designing our own planet. On one table we had to pretend to be real astronauts working on the international space station. Mrs Myers told us that NASA Astronauts often have to perform very tricky repair jobs outside of the space station and they have to wear big gloves to protect their hands. What’s more, the only way the astronauts can communicate is by signing to one another, So to recreate this, she gave us some jigsaws to put together, made us wear socks on our hands and we weren’t allowed to speak at all,,, not a peep! We were amazed at how well we did, even without talking!!

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