• to execute properly on the embroidery needle stitching technique in creating kites
  • to identify each partner country flag
  • to recognize numbers on kites (1-4)
  • to participate with joy and enthusiasm to heightening kites

Work Description: The work begins with a visit of Smart smurf mascot of our project that wants to travel in flight to the children in the other partner countries. As a surprise to the other partners, we will learn the Smurf build kites flying in the embroidery sheet on which we sew funny faces, figures and flags of partner countries. We will show children how to work, we perform warm-up exercises the small muscles of the hand, then we sew the four kite flying. During the activity, children will recognize the numbers on kites (1-4) and learn the word “VESEL” in all partner languages: “happy” -English, “allegro” – Italian, “jayeux” – French. At the end of the activity children will participate with joy and enthusiasm to ascension kites.

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