On December 17 2019 ,the children of the fourth and fifth classes met a nice young man, Saverio.
Originally from Montà, in 2005 Saverio had a fantastic experience: he experienced a flight in zero gravity 
and floating without weight.He participated in a selection of volunteers and took part in a flight 
with a special plane, the G-Force one, which took off from Miami, USA, rose to 10,000 meters on the Gulf of Mexico 
and dropped to 45 degrees to cancel the force of gravity!

with him were an 86 year old man and a disabled girl, the first to experience weightless flight.
It is never late to make a dream come true.
Saverio shared pictures, memories and emotions with the kids and told them that he was chosen for two reasons: 
knowledge of English and good physical shape. 
Two important tips for the new generations!
Thank you Super Saverio!!!!!

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