Year 2 had great fun on Friday when a visiting scientist came into school to explore balloons with the children. The children took part in many activities throughout the morning and had lots of fun.

They began by thinking about toys that are operated by balloons. Findlay told us all about his toy car which is pushed forwards when the air comes out of the balloon. David (the scientist) then showed us a helicopter and explained that the air leaving the balloon pushes the helicopter up into the air. The children could hear a squeaking sound as the air left the balloon, they noticed this was a higher pitch towards the end.

The children loved making a rocket using the balloon. The air forced the balloon along the string at a very fast speed. They also loved using the wind bags to make very large balloons. The children were very impressed at how quickly these became inflated.

Finally the children explored static electricity created by balloons. The children were able to attach the balloon to a wall, make their hair stick up, pick up paper and also separate salt and pepper.

Everyone had a really fun science lesson, and learnt lots. Thank you David!


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