Flight of water rockets

Flight of water rockets

Tuesday 8th October, Michel came back to school so that we could test the water rockets.

Each student was able to fly his rocket. We found that the more water the bottle was filled, the less it could fly.


In the afternoon the students were able to represent their rocket powder. Then they took the necessary equipment for their realization.





They could even grind wood to sculpt their warhead.For this they had to equip themselves: protect their eyes and avoid breathing dust from the sawdust.




The result is breathtaking!



And if we flew into space.. or almost

And if we flew into space.. or almost

Thursday 3rd of October, Michel came at school to do some sciences activities.

The purpose of the sessions will be to build a water rocket.
First we worked on propulsion and chemical reactions that allow a water rocket to fly away.


The children could then imagine and draw the water rocket they were going to build.

After cutting, gluing and painting, each child has finished his water rocket. The next session will be to make them fly.. to follow!









It’s time for space

It’s time for space

We started space work through the solar system.

First, Céline asked her students to draw their representation of the solar system.


Then we looked together at what objects we could find in space.



We took back the name of each planet with their diameter and their distance from the sun. it made us revise the work of large numbers.


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