The big group (5-6 years old)


  • Describe the balloons;
  • Group the balloons by color;
  • Launch in the air the helium balloons, in the established order.

Activity short-description:

The activity begins by presenting the flags of the partner countries, Romania, England, France, Italy, which are involved into the scence project, Let’s Fly High in Europe”The children are informed that, together with the mascot of the kindergarten, they will make the flag of Romania in colorful balloons, filled with a gas called helium, which will make them rise up in order to be launched so, that they travel to the partners with thoughts of friendship. 

(The mascot of our kindergarten is the little kid, which is the character of the story “The goat with three kids ” written by Ion Creangă. Story says that ”it was once a goat who had three kids. The eldest kid and the middle one were misbehaving; but here’s the little kid who was diligent and dutiful. It thus: ‘ there are five fingers on one hand and not all resemble one another…”)

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