“Smart smurf on the Flying Balloon” is a game that can be played by 2 players.To play this game we need a dice, one pawn (different colors) for each player and board.

How to Play “Smart smurf on the Flying Balloon”?

To determine who will start the game each player will turn with the dice and the highest figure that falls will begin. To advance on the board, each player in turn and in the established order, will throw the dice and submit a number of points to each mailbox on the dice. The player who manages to get first to the last box (the number 10) is declared the winner. If a player, after throwing the dice on special boxes with instructions, get a box that is already occupied by another player will take its place and the player occupying the box will be sent to the first box.

The significance of the special boxes:

Number 1-Advances In box number 4

Number 3- Return to Start

Number 4- Advances In box number 6

Number 5- Wait one game

Numberl 6- Advances In box number 8

Number 8- Wait one game

Number 9- Return to Start

Number 10- Congratulations! You’ve won a trip with a Balloon Flying!

***Because our mascot project is Smart smurf, very popular for preschool children, mention that we used these wonderful creatures only for educational purposes without neglecting copyright, which is why we present below the following data taken from https: //ro.wikipedia. org / wiki /% 8% 98trumfii: ”Smurfs is the generic name of creatures fictitious blue, which are the main characters of a comic title namesake created by Belgian cartoonist Pierre Culliford, aka Peyo, who was born in Brussels on June 25, 1928. In 1981, a series of Smurfs was created by Hanna-Barbera. In August 26, 2011 he premiered in movie theaters with live-action Smurfs. Ștrumfi name is Romanian version of the original French title Les Schtroumpfs. The English are known as Smurfs. Become celebrities in the world of children, elves receive baptism different cultures: the Smurfs in English at Schlumpfs, Smolfs, Puff, Sumafus, Torpikeks, pitufos or intro- Shin-Ling in Chinese


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