The Big Group (5-6 years old)


– Cut the colored paper outline in order to obtain the balloons
– Bend and stick on the middle line, several colored balloons
– Attach by thread the rake (plastic cups) to the balloons 

Main activity:

Explaining and demonstrating working techniques.
The educator will explain and demonstrate to the children the working technique they will use to make the flying balloons.

Preparing exercises:
1- With the elbows supported by the table, we close and open our fists;
2- With the elbows supported by the table, we depart and approach the fingers;
3 – The children are imitating with their fingers the drop of rain drops
4 – The sun came out!
Fixing the working technique:
The teacher will resume with the help of a child the working technique.
The educator will draw attention to the way in which the component parts and the order in which they stick together must be glued to the accuracy of the work.
Work done by children.
During the work the children are supervised by the educators. This guides them and, where appropriate, gives additional guidance. It also oversees the correct position of the body during work
Analysis of completed works.
After all the children have finished the work, the balloons will be placed at the exhibition and the works will be analyzed by both educators and children. They will track: accuracy, fairness, degree of completion.

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