Intervention of two parents

Intervention of two parents

We took advantage of having parents who had trades related to the air and the airport.

So we invinted them to come to school and to tell us about their job.

The first mum works with eoliennes.


The second is an helicopter’s pilot. So he explained us his job and how a plane can fly.

And the rules that exist in the air.


Construction of the airport model

Construction of the airport model

After visiting the airport, Céline’s class wanted to make a model.

So pupils started to draw the map of the airport.

Then they  thought about how to do this in 3D and they started to cut, to paint.. and the final result was not so bad!





Newcastle Airport Adverts

Newcastle Airport Adverts

Year 2 have been busy making some video adverts for Newcastle Airport. The adverts are to attract visitors to the north east to visit some of our fabulous landmarks.

The children used ‘Photostory’ to make the video and were able to import images, add text and add music. The videos are fantastic!

Take a look at Freddie and Elizabeth’s advert …

Here is Max and Ellie’s video …

Finally here is Poppy and Sadie’s video …

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