Welcome to our Erasmus+ Project Website

This is a European project which enables us to work together with other European schools to help improve provision and share, develop and transfer innovative practices.

 The countries involved in this partnership are England, France, Italy and Romania. We aim to work collaboratively on a science, technology and mathematics based project titled ‘Fly high in Europe.’

 The project will allow the children to engage, explore and learn about various areas linked to flight throughout the project; balloons, kites, airport, space and aircraft.


We hope you enjoy exploring our website.

Our latest posts

Designing an airport

As part of our school Erasmus project on airports, Year 6 have been designing their very own airport buildings. First, they considered what an airport would need. Then, they considered the best layout for the different buildings and features of the airport. Finally,...

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Contact Forces

Year 3 have been looking at different forces in their science lessons.  This week we looked at contact forces and how different surfaces have different forces.  We decided to do an experiment to help us work this out. How far will the aeroplane travel on different...

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Return to France

After the Italian's meeting, we continued to work with kites. In mathematics... symetrie And in art, Céline loves the  kites stained glass that she saw in Italy. So we decided to do the same.

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Spring and kites

We took advantage of the sunny spring days to continue working with kites. After studying the characteristics of the right-angled triangles, we discovered that four right-angled triangles joined together gave life to another geometric figure: the rhombus. We have also...

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Kite flying festival

To prepare our festival, we decided to create a wind garden. So children cut plastic bottles and they create their wind garden...   And the results were beautiful .                             

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Kite flying festival (3)

Saturday 23rd of March, we invited all the pupils of the scholl with their parents to create their own kite. It was a nice moment and children and parents enjoyed sharing this moment together.                 Then François took his own big kites and we can see in the...

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